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"The child is taken to school, and the first thing he learns is that his father is a fool, the second thing that his grandfather is a lunatic, the third thing that all his teachers are hypocrites, the fourth that all the sacred books are lies. By the time he is 16, he is a mass of negation -- lifeless and boneless." -- Swami Vivekananda

Rana Pratap.. Who?

On page 81 (history book for class VII), Akbar (who was an invader on the land of Bharat), is projected as being very friendly to the Rajput Kings. But he also had to fight against those Rajputs who opposed him, such as Rana Pratap.

The chapter actually is titled Akbar. The chapter includes two full pages on the insignificant religion which Akbar floated, and which even his own progeny rejected.

And this one line (actually part of a line) is the only reference to one of the greatest sons of Bharat, Maharana Pratap. There is no other reference to Maharana Pratap Ji throughout the book! There is no reference of his famous horse. No reference of his 40kg spear. No reference of his life of tapasya which he led so that at least a part of the country remains free from invaders.


Blogger desi101 said...

While all that goes on in books, thre is also a parallel conspiracy which goes under the garb of rewriting the most popular patriotic songs of the about-1947 patriotic era. May be some of ypu have noticed, but vande matram has been rewritten not once but many times, each time losing the original fervor altogether in the name of secularism. Similarily "rang de basanti" too has two new forms, none of them includes the paras from the original which glorified, Shivaji and Rani Jhansi. It is a full blown conspiracy under the name of modern music and our youth are embracing it with open arms, as they do not know any better.

8:28 PM  
Blogger shivali said...

to portray the rajputs as 'hostile' and as miscreants is shameful.these are our ancestors who fought for the pride of the nation and its people.these are the people who gave up their lives to save our motherland from the clutches of the barbaric islamic looters and murderers...and this is how you repay them.
SHAME ON ALL YOU POLITICIANS AND HISTORIANS.you have lost your soul to the left ideology,you burdens of this earth.

will these people also refer to our jawans who are protecting our boundaries in such fashion?
you never kno.

1:29 PM  
Blogger desi101 said...

You are absolutely right here in predicting the future, Shivali. Our Jawans do run the risk of being dubbed "hostile", as they protect our boundaries against our "best friend and neighbor". The past many wars are a witness to the fact that our politicians have always undermined the sacrifices of our soldiers, and bowed to petty politics and made truces and stupid decisions for which our armed forces are paying the price till today. Good patriotic, selfless leaders, are in such short supply that I wonder if they even exist, or in this Kalyug, power corrupts one and all alike?

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Blogger Digvijay said...

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Blogger Ashutosh Kumar Upadhyay said...

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Blogger upashu said...

The material is just memorized and reproduced in the exam, what is written in book, does not matter. The example of this, current youth, who read all these things in their classes and but not remembered. What we remember -what society tells us. Every youth know that who was Rana Pratap and who was Akabar. No one is misguided by this books and cannot, because after reproducing the things in the exam we have to make space for new things for new class, so we have to forget all these things.

10:36 PM  
Blogger upashu said...

History should be concise and limited to fill confidence in the student towards its culture and country, and should not be written for memorizing and reproducing in the exam. But present situation don't fill any purpose. So don't worry, it will not harm country. What country is more harming is our education system which is based on student's memorizing skills and don't generate any practical and problem solving skills in them.

10:39 PM  
Blogger upashu said...

it doesn't matter how many times you read the books 'How to swim'. It doesn't matter how good score you can get in exam. Our education system believe that by studying the book 'how to swim' and getting good score in the exam, you become a certified swimmer. This is real problem of our country. Until we stop knowledge building process and start practical exploration and creative thinking skills, nothings matters. Wrong history will affect only when we get time to our student to think upon it, to make their own view upon it and write their view on exam, not reproduction of bookish material. BUt in really, we are very far away from development of innovative and creative skills in students, so any correct history will not fill confidence in them and any wrong history will not take any harm to them. Because they know the use of book is limited to getting good scores only and not related to real life, even not a bit.

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Blogger Bruce V said...

Both Mr. Batra and Ms. Doniger are wrong about kunti:
Kunti and Surya had sex, which Kunti had agreed, BUT kunti remained a virgin:

Sûrya Deva said :-- “O Kunti! What for you called me, by virtue of the Mantra? Calling me, why do you not worship me, standing before you? O beautiful blue one! Seeing you, I have become passionate; so come to me. By means of the mantra, you have made me your subservient so take me for intercourse.” Hearing this, Kunti said :-- “O Witness of all! O knower of Dharma! You know that I am a virgin girl. O Suvrata! I bow down to you; I am a family daughter; so do not speak ill to me.” Sûrya then said :-- “If I go away in vain, I will be an object of great shame, and, no doubt, will be laughed amongst the gods; So, O Kunti! If you do not satisfy me, I will immediately curse you and the Brâhmin who has given you this mantra. O Beautiful one! If you satisfy me, your virginity will remain; no body will come to know and there will be born a son to you, exactly like me.” Thus saying Sûrya Deva enjoyed the bashful Kunti, with her mind attracted towards him; He granted her the desired boons and went away. The beautiful Kunti became pregnant and began to remain in a house, under great secrecy. Only the dear nurse knew that; her mother or any other person was quite unaware of the fact. In time, a very beautiful son like the second Sun and Kârtikeya, decked with a lovely Kavacha coat of mail and two ear-rings, was born there. T

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